A Review: Lightlife Smart “Meat” and Boca Products


Now I know that some people object to anything that even looks like meat, and then there is the whole deal about processed foods. Keep in mind that this sort of thing shouldn’t be the foundation of your diet. The issues with processed foods are valid, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a treat every once in a while. These kind of foods also help new vegetarians/vegans in their transition to no meat.

With that said, allow me to introduce, Smart “Meat”! The first time I had a Smart “Meat” product ( The Chick’n Strips I believe) it actually creeped me out and I had to check the ingredients like 5 times *cough* *cough* (embarrassing moment). The next few ventures went much smother. I tried the ground “beef” in Mexican food and it worked well. Then I tried the Smart “Bacon” and fell in love. I think Smoked “ham” is my second favorite (keep in mind these two taste best cooked in the traditional way minus the animal products). To find a list of certified vegan Smart products go here.

Next is my other favorite brand when it comes to not-meat, Boca products. Now, before I go any further I must unfortunately inform you that they too are not all vegan. As far as I can tel they are all vegetarian though. I checked out their FAQ and this is what they say about Vegan friendly products: “The following BOCA products in our Mainstream line are now designated vegan: Chili, Vegan Burger, Roasted Garlic Burger, Roasted Onion Burger, Chik’n Nuggets, Chik’n Patties, Spicy Chik’n Patties, and Ground Burger. For the Roasted Garlic Burger and Chik’n Nuggets and Patties, we’ve recently removed egg, milk, and dairy ingredients to make them vegan. To ensure that the package you have is vegan, we recommend that you check the ingredient line to ensure that egg, milk and dairy ingredients aren’t listed. In our line made with no artificial preservatives or flavors, both the BOCA Vegan Burger and BOCA Ground Burger are vegan.”

The Boca Burgers are great! I have non-vegetarian/vegan friends who love them too, so if your skeptical, why not try a bite? If you’re vegan just remember to check the lable, because, as I said, not all of it is egg/milk/cheese free.



  1. Perceptive said

    Litelife and Boca products are excellent. They are among the very best of the vegetarian and vegan products.

    Thanx to these gems, I don’t miss meat at all.

  2. Tracy said

    Lightlife products absolutely ROCK. I hope the company will reconsider and start selling them in Canada sometime soon…

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