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Fun With Fritos (A Review with Recipies)

Frito’s, lovely Frito’s. Where do I begin? While they may not be the healthiest snack in the world, but it is vegan! It’s an easy food to find anywhere in a jam and the star ingredient in the famous Frito Pie. Below I’ll post a basic out line for a delicious vegan friendly version of Frito Pie that even your omni friends are bound to love!

Ok, so here’s how it goes. First, you have to fix some vegan chilly. Now, you can do a from scratch recipe from somewhere like or you can buy a pre-done package of chilly flavoring (check that it’s vegan) then get some beans (kidney beans work fairly well), whatever ingredients are necessary for the from scratch version or on the back of the package, some Frito’s and (optional) some instant rice.

Fix the chilly according to the instructions and add the beans rather than meat (canned beans work well for a quick meal, otherwise you’ll need to cook the beans first then add them to the chilly). You can also add other veggies like tomatoes if you want. As an optional ingredient to tone down the chilly, you can add in instant rice (just cook it by it’s self according to the package then spoon some into your bowl as desired). Once all that is done, mix together chilly, Frito’s and maybe some rice in your bowl. The Frito’s should get soft if you mix them around well and let the chilly soak in. Also, I would make sure you got a fair amount of the liquid chilly in addition to the beans to make sure you get the proper flavor and to ensure the Frito’s soften.
Considering it tastes basicly the same as regular frito pie (especily if you use the predone mx) your omni friends are bound to be pleased. Well, good luck and happy eating!


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A Review: Jocalate Bars (from Larabars)

I was purusing the health food isle at my local HEB (I live in San Antonio) and I came across the very same bar I had seen on Vegan Essentials just that afternoon! The two flavors I tried where Chocolate and Chocolate Coffee. Here is the info for them (I got it from Vegan Essentials’ site)

Ingredients: – Organic dates, organic almonds, organic walnuts, organic cocoa, organic cacao nibs, organic cashewsChocolate Coffee flavor – Organic dates, organic hazelnuts, organic walnuts, organic cocoa, organic cacao nibs, organic coffee

Chocolate Mint flavor – Organic dates, organic almonds, organic cocoa, organic cacao nibs, organic peppermint flavor, organic vanilla flavor

Orange Mint flavor – Organic dates, organic almonds, organic cocoa, organic cacao nibs, organic orange flavor

Nutritional information:
Serving size – 1 bar (48g)
Servings per package – 1
Calories per serving – 190 (180 for Mint flavor)
Total fat – 9g / 1g saturated for Chocolate and Orange flavors, 8g / 1g saturated for Mint flavor, 11g / 1g saturated for Coffee flavor
Sodium – 0mg
Total carbohydrate – 25g (5g fiber, 19g sugars), 26g (6g fiber, 19g sugars) for Mint only
Protein – 4g, 5g for Orange flavor only


Well, as some of the other reviews on Vegan Essentials said, this isn’t exactly a chocolate bar in the traditional sense. It’s more of a chocolate flavored food bar. Also, while it says “No added sugar” (which is usually a good thing) that leaved the bar slightly bitter and definitely not as sweet as you’d expect from a chocolate bar. However I did like them, especially the Coffee flavored, but just know that they aren’t exactly what you’d expect.


As far as I know, most or all of Larabars are vegetarian if not vegan. I have yet to try the others, but I have heard they are good …

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