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I will no longer be updating this blog, but I will be adding new posts to the new blog and reposting the better old posts at the new location.

The website address is:

If you like this blog and want to see more, please check out the new blog (same general premise, new address).


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ASPCA Pledge

Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

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Sadness at Taco Cabana :(

Well, I wrote to TC: “I was just wondering about Taco Cabana’s Refried beans. Are they cooked
with any kind of animal product (lard, meat, butter … etc) ? I also
have a question about the flower tortillas. Are they made with milk or
animal based preservatives (actually and ingredient list would be a
great help) ? Thank you very much for your assistance!”

And they said: “Thank you for your interest in Taco Cabana!
Specifically, the answer to your question regarding refried beans is
yes, they do.
The flour tortillas are a 100% vegetarian product.
Attached is a list I think you’ll find helpful.
If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Thank you.

Marvin Jones
Operations Services Analyst
(210) 283-5516    <direct>
(800) 474-1344 x5516    <toll free>   
(210) 804-1973     <fax>
Visit our website at;

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Kodak Film Response

I asked Kodac about their film and if they had any without animal products and they said:

We received your note regarding Kodak film and appreciate the opportunity to comment.
Eastman Kodak Company, as well as all other film manufacturers, uses rendered cattle bone from beef production to make gelatin used in film production. Gelatin derived from bone waste material is an environmentally-preferable way to dispose of unwanted bone, compared to disposal in a landfill. Kodak uses non-animal-based polymer mixtures to reduce the amount of gelatin used. While Kodak has researched alternatives to replace bone-derived gelatin, it’s not possible to completely replace gelatin with alternative materials at this time. In addition, Kodak developed and uses technology to produce thinner gelatin layers on film. This further reduces the amount of gelatin present in a roll of Kodak film.

If you prefer not to use this type of product, may we suggest that you review the Kodak digital cameras featured on our Web site. Digital photography is an entirely different medium, and no gelatin is involved.


Thank you for your time. If you should have future questions on Kodak products or services, please feel free to visit our Web site at where we are continually adding new information to enhance our service. You may also wish to call our toll-free number at 800-242-2424. Our representatives are available to speak with you Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Time.


John Paul E
Kodak Information and Technical Support



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Fun With Fritos (A Review with Recipies)

Frito’s, lovely Frito’s. Where do I begin? While they may not be the healthiest snack in the world, but it is vegan! It’s an easy food to find anywhere in a jam and the star ingredient in the famous Frito Pie. Below I’ll post a basic out line for a delicious vegan friendly version of Frito Pie that even your omni friends are bound to love!

Ok, so here’s how it goes. First, you have to fix some vegan chilly. Now, you can do a from scratch recipe from somewhere like or you can buy a pre-done package of chilly flavoring (check that it’s vegan) then get some beans (kidney beans work fairly well), whatever ingredients are necessary for the from scratch version or on the back of the package, some Frito’s and (optional) some instant rice.

Fix the chilly according to the instructions and add the beans rather than meat (canned beans work well for a quick meal, otherwise you’ll need to cook the beans first then add them to the chilly). You can also add other veggies like tomatoes if you want. As an optional ingredient to tone down the chilly, you can add in instant rice (just cook it by it’s self according to the package then spoon some into your bowl as desired). Once all that is done, mix together chilly, Frito’s and maybe some rice in your bowl. The Frito’s should get soft if you mix them around well and let the chilly soak in. Also, I would make sure you got a fair amount of the liquid chilly in addition to the beans to make sure you get the proper flavor and to ensure the Frito’s soften.
Considering it tastes basicly the same as regular frito pie (especily if you use the predone mx) your omni friends are bound to be pleased. Well, good luck and happy eating!

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A Review: Liquid Smoke

Liquid Smoke adds major flavor to dishes (like beans) that normally contain bacon or some other “smoked pig” type product. I tried it for the first time in some pinto beans and yum! It’s not animal derived, it’s just meant to bring a smokey flavor into your food (which is what most of us former omnis liked about “smoked pig” products anyway!). Almost all should be vegan but it never hurts to check. Just a tip, if you’re going to use it in beans, wait till the beans only have a few more minuets of cooking left, just enough time for the liquid smoke to sink in nicely without wasting a ton of the stuff poring more in when you have to put in more water.

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A Review: Luna Bars

Luna bars ROCK! I love the “Nuts over Chocolate” one especially. It’s just so wonderful how they manage to make a vegan snack that’s delicious and healthy for you too! It’s packed with protein and other vitamins and if you have a craving for chocolate you can get it here. I have been able to find it at most convenience and grocery stores (although I can only speak for San Antonio), so that’s a plus. As I recall, it’s around 70% organic as well. An all around great buy!

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