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Sadness at Taco Cabana :(

Well, I wrote to TC: “I was just wondering about Taco Cabana’s Refried beans. Are they cooked
with any kind of animal product (lard, meat, butter … etc) ? I also
have a question about the flower tortillas. Are they made with milk or
animal based preservatives (actually and ingredient list would be a
great help) ? Thank you very much for your assistance!”

And they said: “Thank you for your interest in Taco Cabana!
Specifically, the answer to your question regarding refried beans is
yes, they do.
The flour tortillas are a 100% vegetarian product.
Attached is a list I think you’ll find helpful.
If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Thank you.

Marvin Jones
Operations Services Analyst
(210) 283-5516    <direct>
(800) 474-1344 x5516    <toll free>   
(210) 804-1973     <fax>
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