Adopt an Animal (without the hassle)

Have you ever wanted to help out an animal in need but didn’t have the time or resources or didn’t want the mess? Well now is your chance! There are two main places to “adopt” online. For farm animals, checkout Farm Sanctuary. For wild animals (which you couldn’t responsibly adopt anyway since they aren’t “pets”) check out Defenders of Wildlife. These make great gifts for both the animals and the receiver. The Defenders of Wildlife adoptions even come with stuffed animals!

How the concept works is you pay a certain amount of money to be used on either a specific animal (as in Farm Sanctuary) or towards the good of the species as a whole (Defenders of Wildlife). Animals “available” include cows, chickens, pigs, rabbits, ducks, goats and sheep on Farm Sanctuary and anywhere from wolves to penguins to hummingbirds on Defenders of Wildlife.

To findout more info go to for Defenders of Wildlife’s Adoption Center or for Farm Sanctuary’s.

Other options for “Adoption” can be found below:

To Adopt Virtually:

 To Sponsor a Individual Animal:


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  1. I think goverments shouldn’t let people kill tigers just because the tigers once walked on their land. And because harmed people once in the past.the reason tigers harm people is because we are telling them what to do.their not our pets, they are not tamed and I hope people from all around the world will understand what i’m trying to make a statement of. There life is just as our’s, if some one in your familly died you would be very upset, we’ll that is what a tigers familly is like. For ex, we hunt animals for food, and they hunt people for food. It’s not always their fault. some times we are to blame.Thank you for listenin to what i have to say.

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