Vegan Treat: Hot Chocolate

I was browsing the internet for vegan hot chocolate and found out a bit. There are of course pre-made vegan hot chocolate packets (for example:, but why go through the trouble when you can make your own? I have found several recipes (believe it or not, not just heating chocolate soymilk in the microwave – although I suppose you could), but with the exception of a few “exotic” flavored ones they are basically a repetition of the following:

  • tablespoons chocolate powder (bakers chocolate, coco, chocolate protein powder … etc)
  • tablespoon vegan sugar (some sugars are processed using animal bone – turbinado (raw) sugar is ok for example … I am fairly certain most brown sugar is as well)
  • cup milk alternative such as soy,almond or rice milk (for extra flavor I recommend vanilla or even chocolate flavor … coconut milk is also an option)
  • Optional Flavor Enhancers: Vegan Marshmallows ( , 1 dash ground cinnamon , Vegan whipped cream ( , berry/fruit juice to taste, a dash of vanilla extract (assuming you aren’t using vanilla milk already).
  • That’s about all I could think of/find. If you have any other suggestions please comment!

    Instructions:Heat the liquid portion (“milk”, juice, vanilla – what ever you are using/not using) either in the microwave or on the stove till it’s slightly too hot to drink. Then mix in the rest of your ingredients, starting with the chocolate powder. Cool to your preference (I’m sure you could add ice if you want) then enjoy. Serves one.


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