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I have been looking into buying cruelty free products lately, and had an issue when it came to shoes. You see, guarantied 100% vegan friendly shoes are expensive. I normally don’t pay designer prices for my shoes, so $100 shoes is a bit much. I am looking for “cheep” (comparatively) shoes and have come up with a few solutions. First, there are crocs (shown above) which, while verycomfortable and 100% vegan, don’t look that great. However, they have come out with a few, nicer looking style such as one for ladies that is in the shape of ballerina flats/high heels minus the heel that you can find here for around $40.
The next option is to just go to your regular shoe store and look for “all man made materials” shoes. Crocs, for example can be found at “normal” shoe stores. If you’re lucky, you can come across canvas, pleather … etc shoes at “normal” prices. Unfortunately with that there is the slight chance that those “cheep” shoes where made in sweatshops.
Another option is to give up on the cheep shoes and have a few goodshoes that you are sure of. For example, you can check out the sites below or google vegan/vegetarian shoes:

$$ = expensive (as in shoes cost over $100 on average)
& = only girl shoes
* = sells more than shoes

*Alternative Outfitters
– AO’s shoes for women(including casual and dressy) run from about $20-$70. The average price is around $40. For men, the prices go from $20-$70 as well for the most part, but I spotted one pair for $119. For dressy shoes, the average is around $60. AO also sells: handbags, cold weather items, some pro-vegan t-shirts and the like, and even vegan friendly cosmetics.

$$ &Beyond Skin
– As far as I can tell, they only sell women’s shoes and they are very expensive. They run beyond skin vegan shoesfrom $150-$300. I think they are just about all dressy shoes. They also sell small accessories to go with their shoes such as coin purses.You can see an example of what their shoes look like to your right. They are nice shoes, just pricey.

$$ *Bourgeois Boheme
– Again, these guys are expensive too. They have few shoes and the cheapest I saw was on sale for $30, the most expensive was about $90. They sell other products such as bags, belts, shoes, wallets, and cell phone and iPod cases. They do sell guy shoes too, and the prices run on the same spectrum as the female shoes.

$$ Charmone Shoes
– They are also expensive. Only girl shoes. Prices above and around $300. Nice shoes though.

*Ethical Wares
– Guy and girl footwear as well as more! The prices are actually relatively decent. I had some trouble separating the guy from girl shoes because of the way the site is set up, but shoes go anywhere from $20-$70 but are mostly lower than $50. They look like normal shoes if you ask me (but they’re vegan, yeah!). They also sell T-shirts, books, shampoo, soap … etc under lifestyle.

*Moo Shoes
– They sell guy and girl shoes as well as belts, T-shirts, cosmetics … etc. The prices are anywhere from $50-$170, the guy shoes are a bit more expensive.

*Vegan Store
– The prices are in euros. Guy and girl shoes as well as various other products. Runs from 14 euros-80 euros, so they are comparatively cheep. Just a note: euros are European currency.

– Basically, $14-$100 shoes. They also sell MANY other vegan items.

*Ragazii Vegan
– Shoes from as low as $28 and high quality to boot (excuse the pun). Not especially expensive. The average shoe (including dress) costs around $45 at most. There are however (for girls) a TON of $28 flats which are a “cheep” certified vegan shoe and look great. They also have a “vegan lunch box” which, If I understand correctly is a box of nutritious food and information.

$$ * &Stella McCartney
REALLY expensive. They sell clothing to I think. On average the shoes cost between $600-$700! Only girl shoes.

*Vegan Essentials
– They sell vitamins, pet supplies, candles, cosmetics … etc. Their shoes go from $20-$170, but most are under $70. They sell all kinds of shoes that look very “normal”.

Vegan Online
– CHEEP SHOES! From 15 euros-70 euros, but most are under 40 euros. Both men and women’s shoes.

*The Vegetarian Site
– Prices are $20-$150. As usual, the type of shoe determines the price. The sandals are a ton cheeper than the dress shoes, boots and tennis shoes. They sell many other vegetarian products (as the name implies).

Veggies Footware
– These are a lot like crocs. Unfortunately, they don’t currently have an online site.

I’ll add more as I come across them. If you know of some I don’t have on my list please leave a comment and I’ll add it.


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  1. Sanat said

    Nice post!! I love to wear vegan shoes, because no animal needs to die in order to produce crocs shoes.Really your post helped me in finding best suitable vegan shoes. and the place where i found those is
    Coolness, huh? They’re really cute.

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